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Firestopping Services

Firestopping Services

Correctly installed firestop is an essential component of every building's life safety requirements. Correctly installed firestopping restores the integrity of fire resistive rated wall and floor assemblies and controls the potential rapid spread of smoke and flames in a fire event.  Maintaining the compartmentation of a structure can reduce the severity of a fire, ensure occupant safety and preserve processes.

National Firestop specializes in the installation of passive firestop protection for new and existing construction of:

  • Top of Wall and Bottom of Wall Joints
  • Expansion Joints and Vertical Joints
  • Slab Edge Joints
  • Curtain Wall Systems
  • Blank Openings
  • Multi-Trade Openings
  • Mechanical Penetrations
  • Electrical Penetrations
Correct installation of firestopping, as specified by Underwriters Laboratories or Factory Mutual (FM) is critical to ensure Code requirements are met and that building components are protected.  National Firestop's team of fireproofing installers have the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to correctly apply code compliant SFRM's in a timely manner.  


Contact the firestop consultants at National Firestop to discuss the available options for your specific firestopping requirements.